Frequently asked questions

1. User manual

How to use DOB Finder function?

Just enter name and postcode, then click “Search” button. You will have full information.
For DOB, press the “Search” button in the “DOB Server” column and wait for a while.
NOTICE: you are only allowed to perform a lookup at one time. If you want more, up to level 2 and use Batch Search.

How to use Batch Finder function?

Batch Finder is an extended feature of DOB Finder. It allows you to perform multiple searching of information at once.
All you need is a person name and post code to perform this Search. Below is an example of it.
Full Name : postcode
Full Name : postcode
Full Name : postcode
Full Name : postcode
Just enter it to Batch Box and Press Submit.
The members from level 2 or above are allowed to use this feature.

How to use People Finder function?

If you want to know the details of someone but do not have enough information. This function will help you.
Just fill part of the name (fist or last name), city or part of post code and click Find. You will have what you need.
NOTE: If you have full information, don’t use this function.

What is VIP Area?

VIP area for VIP members only. Allow VIP members get DOB without Infomation search. Free and Unlimited.

How to become VIP member?

All you need to do is make your accounts reach $ 1200 then use the “Up to VIP” function (on Account menu).
Prices of VIP membership is $ 1200 / month. However, we often have promotions with better price. Check the news section regularly for more details.

2. Addfund

How to add fund via Bitcoin (BTC)?

See the video below

How to pay with BTC-e CODE?

See the video below

How to add fund via Perfect Money (PM)?

See the video below

3. Troubleshooting

I paid via BTC method, but have yet to receive money.

Transactions through BTC network will take time to confirm. Money will automatically be added to your account as soon as the transaction has at least 1 confirmation, usually about 20 minutes. Please be patient and wait.

You can check your transaction at

I paid with BTC-e CODE, but have yet to receive money.

Usually, you’ll receive money instantly when paying by BTC-e Code complete. Refresh your browser to see new balance.
NOTICE: We only accept transactions with BTC-e code in USD (starting with BTCE-USD-).

I paid via Perfect Money, but have yet to receive money.

Often money will be added to your account as soon as you complete the transaction at PM Website. After you click Continues button, you will get back the “Add fund” page. You will see “The transaction was successful” and your account has been updated.

If you see “Transaction failed or was aborted”, please check transaction at PM websites.

If you are sure that the money has been deducted from PM account, and still not get the credits. Please check your transactions using the form below:
Please login to use this function.

If the problem is not resolved, contact us via Live Help Desk. Please include the Batch Number (looks like this: 111234567) and your PM account (looks like this: U10942345) into the ticket.

I think the information provided by website is incorrect.

As Terms of services, We try to ensure the accuracy and quality of our service. However, WE DO NOT HAVE ANY GUARANTEE OF ITS ACCURACY. YOU USE AND RELY UPON THE WEBSITE CONTENT AT YOUR OWN SOLE RISK.
And sorry, do not ask us to refund in this case.

I still can not solve the problem.

Please contact us via Live Help Desk